Serving opportunities

We invite everyone to consider serving in one or more of the areas listed below. We ask that you pray about where God can best use your gifts. Getting involved is an excellent way to experience the heart of Jesus and to connect more with our church family.

Children's Ministry

We have a main teacher and an assistant in every class.


Arrive by 9:45 to make sure the church is set up properly, assist people with questions and seating, assist in the offering time and communion.


Welcome everyone to church and assist new guests as needed.

Coffee Table

Set up coffee and rolls, ready to be served by 10:00 am OR Clean up and put everything away after service.

Production/ Sound Engineer

Assist the worship team and run sound for the service


How do I get started?

Simply fill out a volunteer card (located in the seat pocket of our chairs) and hand it in to the offering basket. You may also sign up using the form below, or contacting Amanda Kistler directly: 612-781-8488.

What does the Bible say about serving?

Through serving we glorify God, build up the church body and reach out to others. The church body needs everybody’s help! As Christians, we are directed to serve (1 Peter 4:10) and this is one of the ways we worship God (1 Peter 4:11Romans 12:1).

When each of us does our part and uses our God-given gifts, we help to build up the local church and the larger Christian community (Ephesians 4:12Ephesians 4:16).

What are the benefits of serving?

As you serve God by serving others you develop spiritual muscles. Spiritual growth produces serving and serving produces spiritual growth. God does not want you to stay where you are in your spiritual development. God wants you to grow spiritually and to demonstrate that spiritual growth through serving.

Serving involves placing the needs of others before your own. To be other-centered is to follow the example of Jesus and to give evidence of spiritual growth. Serving is a process of allowing the life of Christ to be realized through your life to others.

Passage to reflect on—Philippians 2:1-4

Notice the attitude of Christ. This week, be conscious of when you might deviate from this attitude and when it shines through you. Notice what the differences are in each situation. Spend a few moments ex-pressing your availability to God for His use. Allow Him to have His way in your life. Throughout this challenge, take note of what kind of attitude comes out of you while you are serving. How does it compare to this passage?

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