We believe outreach and missions support are crucial components to every church.  We currently have 2 local outreaches:  Weekly evangelism downtown and a monthly chapel service at Stillwater Prison.  We also support different national ministries as well as overseas.  Our monthly giving as a church includes a ministry in Russia, a Bible school in London, and an orphanage in Haiti.  We also participate in local outreaches and partner with other churches as we have opportunity.  Jesus gave every Christian a commission in Mark 16:15 “And He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.” Our desire is to teach and train people to share their faith in a practical, loving way and to assist other churches and ministries as they fulfill their God-mission around the globe.

EVANGELISM:  Thursdays 6:30 pm


Three Degrees Evangelism Ministry meets every Thursday night for a short teaching and prayer at 5:30pm. Please contact the leader, Charlie, prior to attending. He can be reached at: 3degreesevangelism@cfaith.com. We then put into practice what we’ve learned by heading out into the streets of downtown Minneapolis to share the Good News. People learning to evangelize start out in a supportive role and you will not be called upon to lead or even talk until you are comfortable. We minister in the Love of God and avoid arguing and any type of negative confrontation. Jesus came to love and not to condemn and that’s the approach we use.

“Blessed are the feet of them that bring Good News” and “He who wins souls is wise”. We hope you will join us for this exciting time of ministry. We have seen God move in powerful ways during our evangelism times. Not only does it change the lives of the people you encounter, it changes your life in God!

Contact 3degreesevangelism@cfaith.com or 612.781.8488 for more information.

STILLWATER PRISON:  3rd Saturday of every month, 1-3:30pm Stillwater Prison

Stillwater Prison is home to over 2,000 inmates.  Every month, we are privileged to bring the Gospel message of love, hope and forgiveness in a church service format.  There are specific requirements and training necessary in order to serve in this ministry.  Please contact amanda@3degreesministries.com for more information.

MISSIONS: 3 Degrees church is proud to be a monthly partner of the following missions:

Children of Promise International orphanage in Haiti ( www.promise.org ), Boys Home of Smiles, has been taking in orphaned boys since 1987.


Rick Renner’s ministry in the former Soviet Union. Rick and his wife Denise have pioneered a work to spread the Gospel all throughout the former USSR for over 30 years and have helped plant many churches as well as train local Pastors.

Rick Renner