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Heaven, The Final Frontier 2

Heaven, The Final Frontier

Rise Up & Resist! It’s Time to Pursue, Overtake & Recover All

Help Lord! What to do When the Pressure is On

Help Lord! How to Live in Victory

Chosen & Loved by God

Contend for Your Faith

God’s Guidance & Direction for Your Life

Easter Celebration

Deliverance & Healing

Freedom in Christ

Supernatural Protection

Transformation Power

God’s Divine Power Activated

God’s Divine Power

The Love of God

Pursue, Overtake & Recover All

A Life Transformed for Good


Love is the Answer

Happy New Year!

Celebrate Jesus: Merry Christmas!

Celebrate Jesus: The Prince of Peace

Celebrate Jesus


Blessings Abound Where Thankfulness is Found

Let’s Examine the Evidence: Is the Word of God Really the Word of God?

Wonderfully Made: For Such a Time as This

Victory Over Darkness: Close Every Door

Choose Life & Blessing #2

Choose Life & Blessing

God’s Will to Prosper

Reject All Fear

Living Holy

The Secret of the Lord: He has a Plan for You

Signs of the Times: The Rapture Explained

Signs of the Times: Feast of Trumpets

Signs of the Times

Investing in Intimacy: Hearing God’s Voice

Investing in Intimacy: The GOOD Benefits

Investing in Intimacy: Closeness to GodClose to God

The Word of God: Blessings for Your Life

The Word of God: Exceedingly Great & Precious Promises

The Word of God: It Works!

The Word of God: Seeds for Every Need

Hope & Faith

Growing up in Christ- God Has Answers for Your Life

Growing up in Christ- Inheriting Salvation

Growing up in Christ- Inheriting the Promises

Growing up in Christ- Top 10 Faith Stealers

Growing up in Christ- What Accompanies Your Salvation

Growing Up in Christ: Step Out in Faith

Growing Up in Christ: Psalm 91 & Romans 8

His Exceedingly Great Promises for Us

Keep Your Guard Up

Jesus has Freed us from Guilt & Shame

Jesus’ Victory is Our Victory

Overcome by the Blood & the Word of Our Testimony

The Lamb, the Body & the Blood

Deliverance in Jesus our Passover

We are Kings & Priests to Him

Ownership & Obsession

The Heart: Our Inner Man, part 2

The Heart: Our Inner Man

Created to Worship

Designed to Hear God’s Voice

Hear & Discern God’s Voice #2

Hear & Discern God’s Voice

A New Year, A New Season

Jesus, Our Gift 2: Merry Christmas!

Jesus, Our Gift: Nothing is Impossible

The Unspeakable Gift of Jesus

A Jesus Centered Life


The Power of Thanksgiving

Life & Death, Blessing & Cursing: Choose Life

Communion Explained

Delivered From Darkness Part 2

Delivered From Darkness

Deception, Rejection & Separation

October-Fast: Light vs. Darkness

Signs of the Times: Watch, Fear Not, Be Ready

Delivered from the Wrath to Come

Stay in Faith- God’s Promises are Yes & Amen

Fear Not, Stand Still & See the Salvation of the Lord

Don’t Let Your Faith Run Out of Gas

Faith for Overcoming

The 4 Judgements to Come

To Tell the Truth

Paul’s Message to Us

Peace for a Troubled Heart

Victory in Your Mind-Freedom from Fear, Anxiety and Torment

The Love of the Father 2- Let Not Your Heart be Troubled

The Love of the Father

They That Are Wise Overcome

The Word

Holy Spirit 5: The Pentecost

Holy Spirit 4

Holy Spirit 3: The Outpouring

Holy Spirit 2: You Are Wonderfully Made